Online Summer Information

  • Student support:
    • The Online Learning Academy is closed for the summer.  
    • The support lab, located at Washington High School (2217 W. Glendale Ave) is open May 29th-June 1st (Tues- Fri) and Jun 4th- 28th (Mon-Thurs) from 7:30AM - 11:30AM and 12PM - 4PM.  The number to the support lab is 623-435-6090.
    • The lab is staffed with teachers to assist you.  Attendance is on a drop-in basis as you can arrive and leave as needed during the open lab hours to receive help in your online courses.


  • Final Exams 
    • You must go to Washington High School to take your final exam in person.
    • Final Exams must be taken by June 27th so if a retake is needed you can take on June 28th.  
    • If you would like to take your final exam earlier, please ensure all work has been submitted and message your online teacher that you are ready for your final.  You may then go to the lab at Washington HS.


    • If you are taking English 2, 4 or 6, you MUST take the AzMERIT test.  The ELA test will be given on June 25 & 26  at Washington High School at 12 PM.  
    • If you are taking Algebra 1 Semester 2, Geometry Semester 2 or Algebra 2 Semester 2, you MUST take the AzMERIT test.  The Math test will be given on June 27th at Washington High School at 12 PM


  • Questions and Tech Support
    • If you have questions about your class, you may call 623-435-6090 during lab hours: May 29th-June 1st (Tues- Fri) and Jun 4th- 28th (Mon-Thurs) from 7:30AM - 11:30AM and 12PM - 4PM.
    • Please go to Technology Help for information on how to download the Lockdown Browser on your home computer, as well as information on how to link your Google Drive account to Canvas.
    • You may also use your Canvas inbox to message Christine Lord for technical assistance with Turnitin.
    • For all other technical issues, please click the Help button on the blue panel and select the "Report a Problem" option.


No extensions will be granted.  All course work must be completed by June 25th and final exams must be completed by June 28th.