Parking Information
Parking Information
Posted on 09/19/2018
Parking Lot Map

Safety is our #1 concern for all students, please read the information below regarding our parking lot. 

Pick up and drop off

In order to provide for a safe environment for our students leaving the Online Learning Academy parking facility, we are asking parents to make a right turn onto Northern Avenue when leaving. This will greatly help to alleviate the back up of vehicles as a result of waiting for a vehicle who is wanting to make a left turn as they exit on to Northern Avenue. Making a right turn on to Northern Avenue with the flow of traffic will help to alleviate the long wait and backup of vehicles wishing to leave and will provide for a safer exit from our facility. Please refer to the pick-up/drop-off diagram.

Safety is our #1 concern for all students, faculty/staff, and for the community in this matter. Please help us to maintain a safe environment for all.

In addition, please take note that students who walk to school are not to enter or leave through the driveway before or after school. Students are to enter and leave through the west walk-through gate on the south side of campus onto and off our campus when they arrive and leave. The entrance and exit to our facility is highly congested with traffic entering and leaving the school property. This will provide for a safe way for our students to enter and leave school by avoiding heavily traffic areas. .

Also, please encourage your student to use the crosswalks at 43rd and 47th avenues when coming to school from the south side of Northern Avenue.

We appreciate your assistance in helping us provide a safe environment for your student.

We thank you for your support in helping us to provide a safe facility for all concerned.

Online Learning Academy